In Sante, we don’t have flushout but we have side lock.
Okay, what is flushout. For me, flushout is capping mechanism that is use by MLM company that is having a binary system as part of their compensation plan. In a binary system, the income comes from the pairs or a match or a link. Other MLM company has a flushout if the pairing or matching exceed the number of pairs or a match per day. For example, 20 PEOPLE sign up in your LEFT TEAM and 15 people signup on your RIGHT TEAM, the pairing that happens is 15 pairs. Meaning, YOU SHOULD have a bonus based in the 15 pairs. However, since the the allowed pairing for a day is only 10 pairs or match.
As a result, you will NOT BE PAID for the remaining 5 pairs or 5 match as it has been FLUSH OUT.

In Sante, this is not happening. Even if you hav 120 pairs in one of your account, you will get all of them.

SIDELOCK will be explain in some other posts. This is what SANTE is using in their compensation plan.

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