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    CREATING CONTENT in Barley Community Forum!

    Creating Forum Topics

    A new topic is the evolution of what previously were called new threads in earlier versions. A topic in a forum or group can hold one or more posts of various content types such traditional text based posts, shared pictures, links or videos, or polls.

    To create a new topic click on the +New Topic button when browsing a forum or group. You will be presented with a screen where you must give a title (or subject) of the topic and optionally choose a topic prefix if available. A topic prefix will appear before the title and will contain a list of one or more prefixes chosen by the site administrator to better categorize your topic. Clicking on a thread prefix in forum view will show a list of topics with the same prefix.

    Underneath the title, you will see six icons representing your content and editing choices:

    • Camera – Choosing the camera will open an interface where you can upload one or more photos and create a Gallery topic.
    • Link – Choosing the Link icon will allow you to share a Link or Video from external site in order to discuss this item. Only one link is allow per post.
    • Graph – This allows you to start a new poll on the site. Unlike all the other options a poll can only be inserted as the first post in a topic. Choosing to insert poll will allow you to ask a poll question and provide 2 or more options for users to vote on.
    • A (underlined)- Advanced Editor. This will open the Advanced Editing toolbar directly over your post. This allows you to easily apply formatting and other BBCode.
    • Smiley – Opens the smilie manager under your post. Clicking on individual smilies will insert them into the post at the cursor location.
    • File (with paperclip) – Opens up the attachment interface. This will allow you to attach allowed file formats to your post in order to share them with others.

    You may also have the option to add tags to the topic. Tags are optional keywords that describe the topic. Click on the Tags + link to add tags. Press enter after each tag you enter. You may also click on popular tags to add them. Press the X icon next to any tag to remove it. Press Save when done adding tags or cancel to discard the tags.

    When you have completed your post you may preview or post the new content. Upon pressing Post a new topic will be created.

    How do I share photos?

    You may share photos in any forum, group, or blog for which you have permission to do so. If you see the “Share Photos” button, represented by the camera icon, in the editor you may click on it either when creating a new topic or posting a reply.

    You may attach photos (or any image) to a post either by uploading new files or attaching images you previously uploaded.

    To upload new photos press the Upload button and browse to the images you wish to upload. You may add multiple images by using standard “shift & click” or “control & click” options to select multiple files. To upload additional images press Upload More, otherwise press Continue.

    To attach previously uploaded images press Select from Photo Album. On the next screen select from available photo albums on the left and chose one or more images on the right by checking the box corresponding to the thumbnail you want. Press Continue when done.

    If you’ve attached existing images press Continue again to return to the main editor.

    If you haven’t already you may new enter some text in the message area.

    When finished press Post or Post Reply to post the shared photos.

    Note: if you are sharing more than several photos only a few thumbnails will be visible in the initial post. There is no way for you to increase the number of thumbnails shown in a post.

    How do I share links and videos?

    You may post links or videos in any forum, group, or blog for which you have permission to do so. If you see the “Post Link” button, represented by a paperclip icon, in the editor toolbar you may click on it either when creating a new topic or posting a reply.

    After clicking on Post Link button in the editor you will have the standard message box as well as an additional URL field that begins with http://. Enter or paste in the full URL to either a web page or video.

    If you enter the URL of a web page and press the Add Link button the software will scan the page and grab the page title, short meta description, as well as present one or more images to use as possible thumbnails. You may use the left or right arrows to browse the available thumbnail images or check the appropriate box to not include a thumbnail at all.

    You may edit the site title or description by clicking the little pencil icon next to each. If you wish to cancel the link press the Remove Link link.

    If you wish to share a video from a popular site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Metacafe you can use the Post Link feature to link to a video URL. When you put the URL of a video from any of these sites in the input field and click Add Link, the video itself will be embedded in the page instead of a small thumbnail image. You will still get the title and description of the video and you may still edit these values in the same way with the pencil icons next to each.

    Whether you’ve attached a link with a thumbnail or a video to the message you can complete the post by pressing Post or Post Reply to share the link or video.

    How do I create a Poll?

    If you are creating a new topic you may be able to post a poll if the Administrator has given you permission to do so.

    Polls allow you to pose questions to other users of the site. Other users will be able to vote for one (or more, if you allow) choices and a summary of the results will be displayed at the start of the topic after you or they vote.

    To create a poll click on the Graph Icon in the editor when creating a new topic.

    The title/subject of the message should be the poll question. After pressing the Graph Icon fields for 3 poll answers will automatically be created below the message. You may decrease the number of answers by pressing the Remove button next to each possible answer field. You may add additional answers by pressing the Add another answer link. The site Administrator sets the maximum number of answers allowed.

    Optionally you may set a “Poll Timeout” or a specific date and time the poll will close. Check the Set poll timeout box and a new field will appear. Press the small Calendar Icon to open a calendar and choose a specific date. You can also use the sliders to choose a specific hour and minute to close the poll. Press Done when you have chosen a date and time.

    Note, the topic will remain open, however no new answers will be allowed in the poll after the timeout date and time.

    The Allow multiple choice option will allow users to select more than one answer when voting.

    The Make votes public option allows all users to see who voted for what answers in the poll. If this is not checked only the Administrator will be able to see who voted.

    You may complete the rest of the post as normal and press Post when done to post the poll to a new topic.

    Advanced Editing (using BBCode)

    When posting messages you may wish to include some formatting such as bold text, italic text or underline text.

    Adding formatting to a post can be done in either of two ways:

    • Using clickable buttons in the Advanced editor similar to those found in word processors
    • Typing in BB Codes around text manually

    Clickable buttons are available in the Advanced editor. Click on the A icon in the editor to toggle the Advanced editor controls.

    To use clickable buttons simply click the button, for example the B (bold) button and then type to get bold text. Click the button again to stop using that formatting. You can also highlight text that you have already typed then click the formatting button to format existing text. Some buttons like the one for inserting images provide for more advanced options such as formatting controls and upload options.

    BB Code is a special set of codes similar to HTML that can be used in posts. BBCodes are formatted in one of two ways:

    Simple BB Code like bold text consist of just an opening and closing tag: [B]Example[/B] becomes Example.

    Advanced BB Codes use an option in addition to an opening and closing tag. URL BB Code is an example of an advanced BB Code.

    Site Administrators may create custom BB Codes in addition to the built in BB Codes with buttons in the Advanced editor.

    Sending Messages to Other Users

    If the administrator has enabled the Private Messaging system, registered members may send each other private messages.

    How do I send a message to another user?

    This site uses a Private Message (or PM) system to allow users to send messages to each other if the Administrator has given you permission to do so. Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members of this site. You may be able to include BB code, smilies and images in private messages that you send. Note the word “Private” is used because only the user(s) you send the message to will get notice and be able to read or respond to the message, however, the data itself is not encrypted so you should not consider PMs truly private.

    To start a new Private Message click on Messages at the top of the page and then press the Compose New button.

    An alternative way is to browse to a user’s profile page and press the Private Message button visible on the ACTIVITIES page. If you start a message this way the username will already be in the “To” box on the next page.

    You may add one or more names to the “To” box by pasting in a full username or by typing in a username. If typing the system will show you usernames that begin with the letters you’ve typed after you’ve entered at least 3 characters. Either select the username from this list or finish typing it out. Press the “Enter” key when you’ve typed out a full name for it to be saved as a recipient to the message. You may remove a recipient by clicking the small X icon next to any recipient added.

    The site Administrator will determine the maximum number of recipients you may send to. After you’ve selected the recipient(s) of the message you may type a subject and message.

    Press Send when you are ready to send the message or Cancel to discard the message.

    How do I manage attachments?

    You may have permission to attach files and images to your posts on this site. If you have permission you will see a paper with paperclip icon on the editor- pressing this button will bring up the Upload Attachment option.

    File attachments may be data files such as .zip, .txt, .doc, or any other file types the Administrator has allowed. You may also attach images (.jpg, .png. and .gif.)

    To upload a file press the Upload Attachment button after you have clicked on the paper-clip icon at the top to show the button.

    You will be shown a file selection dialog box. Browse to find the file(s) you wish to upload. You may use standard SHIFT+Click or CTRL+Click shortcuts to attach multiple files. The Administrator can specify the maximum number of files you may attach per post. If attaching data files a hyperlink with the file name will be inserted into the post. If attaching an image the actual image will be inserted into the post.

    If you have not reached the maximum number of files you may press the Upload Attachments button again to upload additional files. To remove attachments simply delete them from the editor.

    When you have completed the post submit it as normal and your file(s) will be attached to your post.

    Flagging Inappropriate Content

    If you find inappropriate content on the site, you can flag it for review by the staff. To do this, look at the content or discussion container and you will see a Flag link. Click on this link and an overlay will open up to flag or report the content. You can enter in a reason why you think the content is inappropriate. All flagged items will be reviewed by site staff according to the posted guidelines and if deemed necessary, they will take action on it.

    How do I follow an important discussion?

    Above each discussion or topic, there is a Subscribe toggle. Clicking on this will enable you to follow the discussion easier. Each time someone replies to the discussion, you will get a notification that will show on your Messages page. You can follow these notifications to the new content or delete them from the Notifications area on your Messages Page.

    If you wish to no longer follow a discussion or topic, then clicking on the button again will turn off your subscription.


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